Practice Water Shuttle in Preparation for PIAL Rating

A water shuttle was only one factor in completing the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) test to achieve a better insurance rating for the residents in Caddo Fire District No. six. In order to prove CFD#6 was capable fo transporting a designated amount of water to a a designated point to release at a certain amount of pressure, all paid firefighters and volunteers were called on to participate. In addition, members of othe district firefighting teams were asked to assist. (In a real fire, other districts are often called up for assistance.)

Following the shuttle, CFD#6 hosted a fish fry for all the participants.

Driving to Water Shuttle is Vol. John Teel.

Capt. Mike Carman at the Wheel

Carl Hicks on the Way to the Shuttle

Vol. Bill Partain driving to the Water Shuttle

Uploading and Setting up the Drafting Pool

Dumping the Tanker and Pumper Supplying a Healthy Stream

Dumping into the Drafting Pool

Vol. Jonathan Gramm Laying out Hose Line to Refil Tanker

Refill the Tanker from a Water Hydrant

Chief Damon Johnson gives Instructions

Another Tanker Backing In

Taking a Break

After the Water Shuttle Everyone Enjoyed a Fish Fry


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